March Impact Collection: Whale & Dolphin Conservation

whale cell phone cases
This March, we're making a splash with our latest collaboration, featuring tough phone cases designed by celebrated artist Farida Zaman. These stylish phone cases have been created for our March Impact Collection supporting Whale and Dolphin Conservation. 

Tough Phone Cases: iPhone, Galaxy, and Pixel Compatible!

Our phone cases are as tough as they are stylish! Compatible with iPhone, Galaxy, and Pixel devices, they protect your phone while making a statement. 

Celebrating Farida Zaman's Artistry

Farida's whimsical illustrations capture the beauty of whales and dolphins in a way that will make you smile. Born in Bangladesh and having lived in countries like the UK, the US, and Canada, Farida considers herself a global citizen. Her diverse cultural experiences and love for travel are evident in her artwork, which often features diverse narratives, historical themes, and vibrant landscapes. You can see more of her delightful work at

Making a Splash for Conservation

With every purchase from our Impact Collection this month, we're donating $3.00 to Whale and Dolphin Conservation. Whale and Dolphin Conservation is an international charity dedicated to research, advocacy, and education efforts to address the threats facing these magnificent creatures and their habitats.

So, you're not just making a stylish statement with these cases – you're making a difference!

Shop the Impact Collection now and join us in making waves for whale and dolphin conservation:

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